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China Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd
.(“CTIEC”) is a national comprehensive Grade-A D & R unit, an internationalized engineering company, a hi-tech enterprise in Shanghai and Anhui and an engineering technology platform of China National Building Material Company Ltd (HK3323, CNBM). CTIEC possesses foreign trade right and grade-A qualifications for design & general contracting, engineering consultation and engineering supervision in the respects of the building material industry, light textile (domestic silicate), civil engineering and special engineering projects of environment pollution treatment. Moreover, CTIEC has set up seven institutions of the trade, including China Glass Development Center jointly sponsored by UNIDO and Chinese government.

Taking the strategic target of "building a technological and scientific company with comprehensive strength and international competitiveness in the area of technology about building materials, which has research and development, project designing, project contracts, processing, and manufacturing", through integrating ‘glass, cement, construction', CTIEC has built up "Four main brands" as CTIEC engineering, CTIEC electromechanical equipment, CTIEC mineral and CTIEC energy saving and environment protection. It helps the company's revenue and operating income increase several times, and also helps Chinese building materials change from exporting single technology to exporting whole set of technology equipment.

Now, CTIEC takes about 80% market share of the domestic high-end flat glass, and 90% market share of the oversea glass production line using Chinese technology, and processed solar photovoltaic technology with proprietary intellectual property rights, which broke the monopoly of foreign technology, and help Chinese solar industry to develop rapidly and healthily. As a major player in the cement engineering technical area, CTIEC built dozens of large cement producing lines for some world famous cement companies, like Heidelberg, the Pacific, etc, using new dry process technology and equipment developed by them. The total contracted 6000 tones clinker production line in Canakkale Turkey took the European standards, and the technologies used in this project reached the international advanced level and achieved a major breakthrough in China's cement technology.

Since 2002, CTIEC has been in the list of top 50 national engineering general contracting and project management enterprises; national top 100 exploration and design enterprises. For several years, CTIEC has been chosen as an advanced enterprise in Shanghai for "Go to the world". In 2004, CTIEC was evaluated as "Advanced collective of central enterprises" by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and Ministry of Personnel. In 2006, company's party committee was appraised as "Excellent grass-root party organization" by the party committee of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and the company's leadership team was honored with a title "Advanced leadership collective" by the Central Organization Department and the party committee of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. In 2009, the company was awarded ‘National May Day Labor Award' by All China Federation of Trade Unions.

CTIEC is a brand having about 55 years' history, and would help the building material technology area realize the change from ‘made in China' to ‘developed in China'. Led by the idea of ‘trust, innovation and add value for clients', CTIEC would use its good quality to develop its brand, use its famous brand to improve its profit, develop its market and show Chinese successful technology to the world. CTIEC will become ‘a ten billion-scale company and a hundred year old brand', and draw a bright future.
CNBM Investment Company Limited
CNBM Investment Company Limited (“CNBM Investment”) (formerly known as BND) was established in 2001, and became the wholly owned subsidiary of China National Building Material Company (HK3323, CNBM) in January, 2008.

CNBM Investment advocates Harmonious Environment, Conservative Operation, Standardized System, Cost Efficiency and Innovative Development as its first five operations and management philosophies. The company focuses on equity investment, logistics trading, and property development, and targets at becoming an internationalized company with competitive edges and sustainable development.

Equity investment is the core business of CNBM Investment. CNBM Investment mainly focus on the medium and long-term investment on building materials, and mineral resources, and would like to make the foundation for CNBMG and CNBM to develop business about VC and PE.

Logistics trading (including retail chain stores) is CNBM Investment 's core business, including import and export business about logistics, building materials, household electrical appliances, light industry, metals, etc, and developing retail chain business in domestic and foreign markets. Based on the advanced management concepts and global distribution network, CNBM Investment take supply chain management and in-depth distribution as its core advantages, and emphasizing on branding, networking, and internationalization. CNBM Investment not only built super market about building materials in Beijing and Shenzhen with B&Q, and also dedicated to find out the development method for Chinese company's internationalization. BND PG, a wholly owned subsidiary, is a successful model for Chinese companies who would like to develop business in oversea retail chain stores. BND PG's main business is developing retail chain stores selling high-quality Chinese building materials, and home products. It also provides systemic product solution and perfect after-sales services to local residences. Now, it has five supermarkets, and ranked first considering the scale and effectiveness in this country.

Real estate development is another main business for CNBM Investment . It focuses on commercial real estate related to building material logistics trading, and property development for promoting new building materials, works with lots of well-known commercial chain magnates, and develops commercial property and ancillary services at home and abroad. ‘ BND Square ' is one of the magnum opuses of the commercial property development; it has successfully introduced two of the world's top 500 enterprises. BND Logistics Park is another successful works in the property sector, this park is located in the Yantian Bonded Logistics Park , and it is a professional and international third-party logistics distribution center, providing storage, sorting, processing, distribution, returns, re-export, customs clearance, and bonded services.

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