China National Building Material Co., Ltd. (“CNBM”) is a shareholding company, founded by the China National Building Materials Group Corporation, Beijing New Building Materials (Group) Co., Ltd, China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation, China Cinda Asset Management Corporation, China Building Materials Academy on March 28, 2005. It was listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange on March 23, 2006 (Stock name: CNBM, ticker: 3323), and in 2007 and 2008, it was included in MSCI index and the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index respectively.

CNBM is mainly engaged in cement, lightweight building materials, glass fiber and composite materials and engineering services.

Under the right direction of the board, the company implements the scientific concept of development actively, and strives to be the leading company with international competitiveness in building material industry. CNBM implements the strategy of the cement regionalization development, improves the high-speed expansion of the main business through capital operation and M&A. Now, CNBM has realized an outstanding development. After four years development since the establishment, its cement capacity has increased 11 times, gypsum board capacity has doubled, fiberglass capacity has increased 3 times, and engineering service income has increased 3 times. The annual average compound growth rates of CNBM's operating income and net profit are both more than 60%. In 2008, CNBM spared no effort in overcoming the adversities arising from large-scale natural disasters and the international financial crisis, and made revenue of 26.4 billion RMB, increased 151%, and net profit of 1.512 billion RMB, increased 66%, compared with 2007. Until the end of 2008, its total asset has reached 58.9 billion RMB, cement capacity has reached 127 million tones, gypsum board capacity has reached 560 million square meters, fiberglass capacity has reached 900 thousand tones, and the rotor blade capacity has reached 3000 pieces. CNBM is the largest cement manufacturer in the Huaihai and South East economic zone, the largest gypsum board manufacturer in Asia, the world's largest glass fiber manufacturer through our associate China Fiberglass, China 's leading manufacturer of MW rotor blades, and the leading international EPC provider of glass and NSP cement production lines.

CNBM takes international investors' requirement as a benchmark, improves corporate governance comprehensively, and builds a special management operation mode-‘Three Five Management Operation Mode'. The ‘Three Five Management Operation Mode includes 5N (5 Operation Mode - Integration, modelization, institutionalization, processisation and digitalisation), 5C (5 management model – marketing centralisation, procurement centralisation, financial centralisation, technical centralisation and investment decision-making centralisation), 5 I (five key operation indices - net profit, selling price and sales volume, cost, cash flow and gearing ratio). The company also strives to strengthen the management of strategy, investment, capital, key operating indicators, and has already established the management method, which takes grass-roots company as the cost center, takes every business segment as the profit center, and takes the shareholding company as the investment center. CNBM has built complete performance and culture system, keeps strengthening consolidation and improvement, pushes forward brand uniform, purchase centralization, sales cooperation, decreases cost, and increases profit.

In the future, under the guidance of scientific concept of development, CNBM will develop capital operation and M&A steadily, improve consolidation deeply, and persist in energy-saving and emission-reduction. The company strives to become a leading company providing high return to shareholders, taking social responsibilities, and having international competitiveness, and would like to make more contribution to the healthy development of Chinese building material industry.

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