Ma Zhongzhi, aged 64. Mr. Ma has more than 20 years of experience in administration and management covering banking and securities regulation. He served as deputy branch manager of the People’s Bank of China Shenyang Branch between June 1984 and November 1997, and deputy head of the headquarters of the People’s Bank of China between November 1991 and September
1992. From September 1992 to November 1998, he served as deputy head and head of the office of China Securities Regulatory Commission (“CSRC”). From June 1994 to November 1998, he took the position of member and chief secretary of the Party Committee of CSRC. He also served as audit commissioner of the State Council from November 1998 to June 2000, and Chairman of the Supervisory Committee for key State-owned enterprises of the State Council from June 2000 to April 2007. Since 18 March 2008, Mr. Ma has been the independent director of Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited. Mr. Ma is a senior economist, and was bestowed with the title of young and middle-aged expert with outstanding contributions by the People’s Bank of China on a national basis. Since January 1993, he acted as part-time professor and postgraduate tutor. His works included Research and Contemplation on Securities Market of Japan and Fundamentals of Securities Market, and he edited Introduction to Financing Activities on American Securities Market and Convertible Bond Issue and Market Practice.

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