Wang Bing, aged 36, is a director of BNBM public limited company . Mr. Wang joined the group in July 1994, and has over 15 years ' experience in business and management.

Mr. Wang served successively as the manager of BNBM public limited company , and the general manger of Xi ' nan BNBM in Chengdu ( 成都西南北新建材有限企业 ). From October 2002 to February 2004, he served successively as assistant to the general manager and the deputy general manager of China Chemical Building Materials Company limited (now known as China Fiberglass Company Limited). From February 2004 to August 2009, Mr. Wang served as the general manager of BNBM public limited company . Mr. Wang graduated from the department of Automation in Wuhan Industrial University (now Wuhan University of Technology), and graduated from China Europe International Business School in September 2005, now he is pursuing his PHD degree in Wuhan University of Technology. Mr. Wang is vice president and deputy director of the China Capital Entrepreneurs ' Club ( 首都企业家俱乐部 ), head of committee of new building material experts of China Society of Building Materials Industry Economy ( 中国建材工业经济研究会新型建材专家委员会 ), vice president of China Society of Heat and Sound Insulation Materials ( 中国绝热隔音材料协会 ), vice president of China Building Materials Circulation Association ( 中国建材流通协会 ), and vice president of Beijing Building Material Association (北京建材行业协会) . Mr. Wang also received lots of rewards, including the fourth Session of National Outstanding Building Material Entrepreneur ( 第四届全国建材行业优秀企业家 ), the Eighth Session of Beijing outstanding quality management entrepreneur ( 第八届北京质量管理优秀企业家 ), the Excellent Entrepreneur of China Building Decoration Industry ( 全国建筑装饰行业优秀企业家 ), Outstanding Individual in Olympic security services work in Haidian District ( 海淀区奥运服务保障工作先进个人 ), etc.

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