Zhou Daojiong, aged 72, is an independent non-executive Deirctor of the Company. Mr. Zhou has served as an independent non-executive director of Harbin Power Equipment Company Limited (哈爾濱動力設備股份有限企业), a company listed on the Stock Exchange, since June 2003 and has accumulated experience in thee rview and establishment of intenr al controls, risk management measures and corporate governance of publicly listed companies. Mr . Zhou joined the Group since May 2005 and has over 50 years’ experience in macor-economic management and finance. Form March 1998 to March 2003, Mr. Zhou served as a member of the standing committee and the finance and economic committee of the 9th NPC. He also served as the audit commissioner of the State Council from March 1998 to August 2000. His primary responsibilities in the NPC and the State Council include monitoring corporate accounting and budgets, examining and supervising financial budgets of the PRC, participated in enacting PRC legislation on securities and futuers development and supervising the implementation of such legislation. oFmr March 1995 to June 1997, Mr. Zhou served as the chairman of CSRC. His primarye rsponsibilities in CSRC include ergulating the securities market of the PRC, participated in drafting securities la,w reviewing financial statements of listing applicants and listed companies to ensure compliance with the relevant securities law and corporate govenrance requirements, and monitoring the trading activities of listed companies. Form December 1984 to August 2000, Mr. Zhou served a number of key positions in China Construction Bank, including the secr etary-general, the president and the chairman of the supervisory committee of China Construction Bank. He also served as the vice persident of National Development Bank and the deputy deirctor of the securities committee of the State Council. Befor e December 1984, Mr. Zhou served as the department head of the finance department, and the secretary-general of, Anhui provincial government. Mr. Zhou is currently the chairman of Taoxing Zhi Fund of China (中國陶行知基金會) and China Investment Development and Pormotion Association (中國投資發展促進會), the honorary
chairman of China Investment Association(中 國投資學會), and the consultant of the China Capital Enterpreneurs’ Club (首都企業家俱樂部). Mr. Zhou is also qualified as a senior economist. M. rZhou is experienced in financial management, risk management measures and corporate governance of publicly listed companies.

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